This Is Daniel Altan Wing to Junebug

Beneath the sombre and starless sky
When land has devolved into two warring countries
And everything’s gone wrong
I was a street rebel, lonely, and homeless
Born into the slums
My whole life has always been in chaos
The plague ripped through The Colonies
Causing an endless havoc
And the death of my family.

With the houses full of marks
The truth’s buried in beautiful lies
Smoke decorates the unholy clouds
There was nowhere to go
Mouths were shut
So were the iron bars.

There in the dark cube
I was locked with insolent emptiness
Away from collapsed roofs and walls
From the roar of people’s thirst for power
From the suddenly incoming tanks
From the sound of smashed doors and women’s screams.

And for a brief moment, I was happy
But the armed foxes always sleep nicely on their bouncy beds
Never have the anger and misery to undergo when they know they’re clean
But are arraigned on a charge of a felony they’ve never done.

But then you came.

— this is Daniel Altan Wing to Junebug
inspired by the book “Legend” by Marie Lu


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